The kitchen for 18” dolls

What are your doll foods made from?  

I use a variety of materials to handcraft my items. Polymer clay, liquid clays, resins, art mediums, paints and chalks are just a few of the materials I use.

What scale are your foods in?

18 inch dolls, such as American Girl are considered to be in 1:3 scale. When sizing items many factors are taken into consideration. I want my items to fit seamlessly into the larger 18” doll world. It is important for the foods to not only be in scale with the dolls, but also with the tables, accessories and rooms created for them. Additionally, there is a wide range of sizes that many foods come in. There are large tired cakes, petite fours, mini muffins, giant scones, Cornish hens, 20 lb turkeys etc, so many of the same items can come in various sizes.

Do you take custom requests?

At this time I am unable to take on any custom work. I will admit, in the past, custom requests were some of my favorite foods to work on. I enjoyed the challenge and excitement of making something new and working with so many wonderful clients.